Our Process

Our 5-phase process

Each professional on The Designers Hub is vigorously vetted, and goes through a 5-phase process. The process does depend on two categories: Non-creative and creative, which you can see the details below. 

Phase 1: Application

Once a pro completes our online application, or team will review the details of the application. If it seems like it will be a good fit, we will reach out and schedule your interview. 

Phase 2: Interview

Once you are invited to a formal interview, you will have a zoom call with one of our team members who will go over specific information to get to know you and your company in more details. Based on these answers and how your interview goes,  we will invite you to phase 3 if you are a creative category, or phase 4 if you are non-creative. 

Phase 3: Board Review

For creative categories, our creative board will review your portfolio, and submit a grade based on 5 categories we look at. That is then translated to a single score from 1-10. Based on that score, you would either be approved with conditions, or approved to go to the next phase. 

Phase 4: References

Phase 4 consist of a reference check and a review check. We will send an email out to 3 professional references that you share with us. Once we review these, we will send you an email about the last phase which is acceptance! 

Phase 5: Acceptance

Congratulations! We finalize all the details and get your account set up for you to claim your listing with The Designers Hub! 



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